Mikes Transmission Service

355 Paul St.  Freeland, MI 48623             989-695-2098


Transmissions ~ Automatic & Manual

Transfer Cases & AWD Units

Electronic Control System Diagnosis & Repair

Computer Reprogramming & Replacement

Driveability Diagnosis & Repair

Clutches, Axles & Universal Joints

Differentials ~ Front & Rear

Other Services by request

Mikes Transmission Service provides these services on most of the following vehicles:

GM~Ford~Chrysler~Jeep~Saturn~Geo~Toyota~Lexus~Honda~Acura      Mazda~Mitsubishi~Nissan~Infinity~Subaru~Isuzu~Volkswagen~Audi


We provide complete automatic transmission diagnosis, maintenance service, minor & major repair.

Control Module diagnosis, repair, replacement & reprogramming.

Complete Electrical System diagnosis & repair.

We also provide durability upgrades.

Manual Transmission & Clutch

We provide complete manual transmission & clutch diagnosis, repair, maintenance service, hydraulic component repair and clutch replacement with new, OEM quality replacement parts.

Transfer Case & AWD Units

We provide complete diagnosis and repair for Transfer Case and All Wheel Drive units, including the computer controlled Auto 4wd Transfer Cases and their Control Modules & Systems.

Control Systems

We provide professional Engine, Transmission and Transfer Case Control System diagnosis and repair. We repair circuit and wiring problems, sensor, solenoid and actuator problems and Control Module problems. We program new Control Modules when a replacement Control Module is needed and reprogram Control Modules with current Original Equipment Manufacturer software. With our recording scanner and lab scope systems we are able to record every system that we test, which provides the reviewable detail needed to accurately diagnose and repair the control systems of the vehicles that we provide service for.