Mikes Transmission Service

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Here at Mikes Transmission Service we ensure accurate diagnostics, which leads to recommending the correct repair. This is accomplished by using up to date accurate equipment, in conjunction with using up to date accurate technical information. While utilizing up to date equipment and technical information, the last step needed for a successful, accurate diagnosis, is a technician with the ability to properly use both the tools and the information to analyze the information being presented and translate that into correctly repairing the vehicle.

We utilize dedicated Scan Tools, PC based Scan Tools, Lab Scopes and Graphing Multi-Meters, all of which are capable of recording everything that they read or test. Upon request, these recordings can be shown to the customers so you can have a visual understanding of the most minute detail that is making your vehicle not function properly. While not every repair may not need this level of diagnosis, we are fully capable of providing that service.

This has been a rapidly growing area of transmission and driveability repair on today's vehicles. Just reading a code and replacing a part is not an effective way to correct an issue with a vehicle anymore. The code in most cases is just a clue that happens to sometimes turn on a warning light, but whatever code is set will still need the circuit analyzed to find the source of the problem.

Another area that we are proficient in is module reprogramming. MANY driveability and transmission issues can be corrected by reprogramming the Control Module, whether it's a Powertrain Control Module or Transmission Control Module. We can reprogram control modules to the current OEM programming calibration for the vehicles that we service and repair.